Geoplin plinovodi – M1/1 gas pipeline execution

Investor: Geoplin plinovodi d.o.o.
Name of the facility: Construction of the M1/1 gas pipeline at the Ceršak-Kidričevo section
Type of installation: Transmission gas pipeline

Project Description

The construction of the M1/1 gas pipeline has been performed at the Ceršak –
Kidričevo section The gas pipeline was constructed

parallel to the existing DN 500 M1 gas pipeline
at the section from the Ceršak border measuring and regulating station (MMRP)
to the Kidričevo compressor station.

The scope of the gas pipeline included the renovation and upgrade of the
MMRP Ceršak, construction of Vukovski dol, Zrkovci and Miklavž block valves
and construction of the bridge across the HPP Zlatoličje channel.
Our task was to supply all
material required for the construction of the gas pipeline and block valves, and
coordination of mechanical and assembly works with construction work. After the completion of work,
the company arranged gas discharging and commissioning the executed gas pipeline. All
respective works were executed by a group of engineers and technicians who
ensured smooth workflow and quality work.

During the most intensive phase of works, over 150 installers and certificated welders trained for the respective works
were engaged in the gas pipeline site.

Data on the gas pipeline:

● length of the gas pipeline: 38,685m
● operating pressure: 70 bar
● dimension of gas pipe: 813 X 12.5mm, 813 x 16.0mm
● pipes used: SAWL and SAWH as per SIST EN 10208-2,
factory protected with PE or PP insulation
● materials used: L485 MB