KRKA d.d. – Development and Control Centre 3

Investor: KRKA d.d.
Name of the facility: Development and Control Centre 3
Installation Type: energy installations

Project Description

Development and Control Centre 3 is a plant for developing new products and controlling
pharmaceutical production. It is consists of:
laboratories and office section. The IMP PROMONT d.d. company installed
cooling and heating station, recovery system and
manifolds for cooling and heated water, condensation and steam drain and
heating elements (fan coil units, radiators).

Project information

Floor plan dimensions: 30x75m, height 25m, 7 floors

Type of work:

● steam pipes
● cooling water installations
● heating water installations
● installations for glycol/water mixture
● condensate drain

Materials used:

W.Nr. 1.4301 (AISI 304), St 37-0, copper, PP

Total length of installed pipes: