KRKA d.d. – Production plant for solid pharmaceutical forms

Investor: KRKA d.d.
Name of the facility: Production plant for solid pharmaceutical forms
Installation Type: cooling station

Project Description

The cooling station provides the cooling water for a plant for
production of capsules and pellets 7, 8. The station is able to distribute
cooling water into the central cooling system which
supplies facilities of the KRKA factory if required. The IMP Promont d.d. company

the plant with a cooling station, including its application
software. All pipelines are made of stainless steel.

Project information

Floor plan dimensions: 84x110m, height 23.50m, 5 floors

Type of work:

● cooling station

Cooling Power:

● cooling aggregates: Qn=2 x 2500kW, 2x1400kW
● cooling towers: Qh=6 x 1760kW
● cooling medium: water at 6/12°C
● Tube dimensions: from DN15 to DN500

Materials used:

W.Nr. 1.4301 (AISI 304)