KRKA d.d. – Synthesis 4 – Cooling and Heating

Investor: KRKA d.d.
Name of the facility: SYNTHESIS 4 – ENERGY PLANT
Installation type: heating, cooling, cooling station

Project Description

The energy plant provides heating and cooling media for operation
of the Synthesis 4 facility where active pharmaceutical ingredients
(API) are produced. The IMP PROMONT d.d. company set a cooling
station and complete installations for heating and cooling of the facility and
drinking water supply. Pipelines for cooling water are made from
stainless steel.


Project information

Floor plan dimensions: 24×24m

Type of work:

● cooling station
● heating
● cooling
● water supply system and sewage

Cooling Power:

● cooling aggregates: Qh=3 × 1263kW
● cooling towers: Qh=3 × 1750kW
● cooling medium: water at 6/12°C
● tube dimensions: from DN 15 to DN 400
● pressure level: PN 10 in PN16