KRKA d.d. – SYNTHESIS 4 – technological installations

Investor: KRKA d.d.
Name of the facility: SYNTHESIS 4
Type of installation: technological installations

Project Description

The Synthesis 4 is a facility for producing active pharmaceutical
ingredients (API). Since it uses different solvents, the facility
has an explosion-proof design. Implemented installations take into account physical and
technical characteristics of raw materials or media in liquid form and all
technical regulations and standards and the regulation in the field of safety at
work, safe operation in potentially explosive atmospheres and
environment protection. The design follows CGMP guidelines.

For managing our operations and coordination of other contractors and subcontractors, the execution of all installation work was performed by an
expert team of
engineers and technicians. Assembly works were performed by a group of
qualified installers and welders. During the most intensive phase of work,
over one hundred workers were present at the facility.


Project information

Floor plan dimensions: 23×55m, height 33m, 5 floors

Type of work:

● process installations
● installations for solvents and waste solvents
● technological connections of equipment
● vacuum installations
● installations for hydrochloric acid
● process vents
● technological drains
● safety exhaust vents
● local suction
● assembly of technological equipment

Materials used:

W.Nr. 1.4301 (AISI 304), W.Nr. 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti), HDPE,

Total length of installed pipes:

Approx. 24km (from DN 10 to DN 300)