Energy Supply Contracting

Energy Supply Contracting (contracting) or contractual reduction of energy costs is a business model of the company (contractor) which may cover a wide range of comprehensive energy solutions for a long-term reduction of energy consumption and costs of the contracting authority. In addition to planning, supply, execution, management, maintenance and servicing of new energy supply device, we also offer financing services. The IMP Promont company offers to the contracting authority an exchange or supply of a boiler and installation of a cogeneration device in the heating system. We provide pre-arranged appropriate quantity and quality of thermal and electric energy to the contracting authority. The contracting authority reimburses our investment by paying for the energy supplied. The contract on the energy supply addresses the question of ownership of plants, distribution of risks, accounting for energy and contract duration. The duration of the contract corresponds to the economic period of useful life of the plant and is usually between 10 and 15 years.

The purpose of the contractual provision of energy results in immediate savings for the contracting authority in terms of energy supply without any investment and maintenance costs!

Our company has many years of experience in managing energy plants. In addition to selling energy plants, our company offers also attractive business models of energy supply contracting.


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