Infrastructure pipelines

The company IMP Promont ltd. is the leading Slovenian company in the construction of all types of infrastructure pipelines designed for the transport of various media (water, hot water, steam, natural gas, oxygen, nitrogen …), executed in all dimensions and materials (carbon steels, stainless steels, polyethylene, ductile iron …)

Boasting a decades-long tradition, we specialize in the following infrastructure pipelines and pipeline facilities:

  • steel or polyethylene pipelines
  • steam pipes
  • hot water pipes
  • water pipes
  • hydrant networks
  • sewage systems
  • natural gas compressor stations
  • natural gas reducing and metering stations
  • water pumping stations
  • boiler rooms
  • Gas and oil products transportation and storage facilities
  • Hazardous substance- and solvents transportation and storage facilities 


We advise and assist in the preparation of designs, offering our clients optimal solutions for timely, cost-efficient construction of high-quality projects. 

We have our own project department with vast experience in the field of planning and designing infrastructure facilities, especially all types of gas pipelines and gas distribution facilities


With our long-term partners, we can ensure the execution of structural, mechanical and electrical works from first draft to the construction of all types of infrastructure pipelines. 

For more complex projects, we can form a consortium of contractors and, as the leading partner in the consortium, exert control over the execution of all works, thus ensuring the quality and timely implementation of larger or more demanding projects. 


We have acquired years of experience in the implementing of the most demanding engineering projects, such as pipelines installed in demanding terrains, pipelines constructed to specific demands regarding the quality of construction and post-construction endurance.

We have extensive experience in the construction of pipelines in geologically challenging terrain as well as in dense urban environments, in the crossings of waterways, in the crossings of existing transport and other infrastructures as well as other obstacles that require a special type of planning for the construction and laying of pipelines with additional structural interventions such as undermining, microtunnels, supporting structures … 

We will adapt to each project individually, looking for optimal solutions according to the specifics of the project or special needs/wishes of the customer.

With our welding engineers (IWE) we cover the whole spectrum of welding process from the WPS preparation to the NDT weld inspection. The high quality of welding, quality assurance and accompanying documentation and traceability of welding processes is confirmed by the certificate obtained according to EN ISO 3834-2.

Our certified welders have extensive experience in welding under demanding conditions on objects and in the field. Welders certified for manual arc welding with cellulose sheath electrodes can weld pipelines of larger dimensions and greater pipe wall thicknesses even under more demanding field conditions (rain, wind, mud…).

With our vastly experienced, professionally trained and certified staff, we can provide all infrastructure pipeline construction services: the joining of pipelines, installing and inspection of anti-corrosion insulation, repairs of insulation with PE tapes or heat-shrinkable insulation, preforming strength and tightness tests of pipelines and drafting test reports with readouts of Pressure and temperature measurements, preparing documents for obtaining an occupancy permit (project documentation of completed works, proof of facility reliability ) etc.

The company is qualified for the installation and maintenance of non-electrical Ex equipment; our installers and welders are trained to work in explosion zones, which is attested by the obtained certificates for the employees and the company in the field of explosion protection. These qualifications are regularly updated through regular training for work in potentially explosive environments with accredited training providers.




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