Project documentation

In the company IMP PROMONT, we prepare project documentation for high-rise buildings, including residential, commercial and industrial complexes. In addition to the preparation of documentation, we also offer various other technical services (project supervision, technical consulting etc.).

We specialize in designing industrial objects with an emphasis on highly demanding objects, such as objects for the production of pharmaceutical ingredients and various other electrionical components that require special environment conditions for ensuring production.

Types of facilities:

  • Pharmaceutical facilities (clean rooms, laboratories, production–, storage– and logistics facilities – high and low-bay warehouses etc.);
  • Clean rooms (clean room classes according to standards GMP A, B, C and D, classes of clean rooms according to standards ISO 5, 6, 7, 8 …);
  • Industrial and commercial facilities (industrial halls, sales rooms, warehouses, industrial facilities for various activities …);
  • hospital facilities (pharmacies, hospitals …);
  • business and public facilities (offices, nursing homes, sports facilities, hotels, cafés and restaurants …)

We provide the following services:

  • Consulting
  • Preparing the project draft
  • Designing the 3D model
  • Assistance in troubleshooting during start up
  • Feasibility studies, conceptual designs and draft plans
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Preparation of plans (CD, BD, DD, P&ID, Layouts)
  • Preparation of work plans (As-Build) and instructions for operation and maintenance
  • Construction and design supervision

We also prepare documentation from the first draft to the completion of the object by carrying out all phases of the project. The advantage of choosing our services is that we provide the whole process from the first draft and feasibility studies to the securing – after the approval of investment plans – of all necessary permits and finally executing all mechanical works, all in one place.

For more complex projects that, by their nature and content, require the participation of different experts, we seek collaboration with related companies in order to reach and offer complex solutions.

Methods of documentation processing 3D (BIM)

In our work we use various types of knowledge acquired in training courses that we regularly attend due to the progress in technology. In most cases, designing and planning includes 3D modelling of the machine installations (the BIM approach), which ensures a high degree of coordination of the machine installations with the basic building structures and other installations, resulting in a more realistic assessment of the investment, impacting the investment at an early design stage and ensuring a faster progress of implemented works.

Program equipment

In our work, we use different program tools based on Autodesk products, which ensures cooperation among our experts. It enables us to anticipate and find solutions for particularly demanding details and to plan the system and its implementation accordingly.

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